The Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Aging

The do's and don'ts of aging

Aging is inevitable but healthy aging is an option. These simple Do's and Don'ts for healthy aging will help you make better choices now in your 40's and 50's for a healthier 60's and 70's. 

DO's for Healthy Aging

Do get more sleep

Do lift more weights

Do walk often

Do eat more protein

Do take care of your muscles

Do challenge your mind 

Do eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily

Do get out & be social


Don't's for Healthy Aging

Don't smoke

Don't eat too much processed foods 

Don't avoid exercise

Don't neglect your diet

Don't stop moving

Don't stop trying new things

Don't hibernate

Don't over do it with alcohol 


Here are some excellent resources that may give you ideas for healthier eating, how to stay active and maybe even some motivation for staying healthier as you get older. 

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Healthy Habits - 5 Habits of People Who Enjoy Healthy Aging 

Over 50? - Your Nutrition Needs Change Over 50 

Rejuvenate - Rejuvenate Taken Daily Improves Muscle Health


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