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Try our NEW Ready to Drink Tetras.

Supports healthy weight loss with only 100 calories

3.6 grams of Rejuvenate patented blend

15 grams organic plant protein

Increases strength and muscle tone

Activate your protein, activate your muscles!

Live Stronger Longer

After 40, your muscles breakdown at a faster rate than they are able to rebuild and repair. Keep your muscles, metabolism and immune system strong with Rejuvenate Muscle Health! Clinically proven to increase the body's ability to rebuild and repair lost muscle by 57% at rest.

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Activate your protein, activate your muscles!

Patented, Scientifically-Proven Formula!

Unique patented blend of 9 essential amino acids

Over 17 years of research

25 clinical trials

Activate your protein, activate your muscles!

Activate your protein, activate your muscles!

Activate your protein, activate your muscles!

Why Use Rejuvenate?

We all want to live full, active lives—no matter our age—but once we hit 40, our muscle mass begins to reduce (sarcopenia), our metabolism slows down, and our immune system function declines. With Rejuvenate Muscle Health, you can not only rebuild lost muscle, but gain new muscle, as well!

Fruit Punch and Raspberry

Amino Acid Supplement

Ready To Drink Single Serve Tetras

Rejuvenate ready-to-drink has 3.6 gram of Rejuvenate patented essential amino acid blend, with 15 grams of organic plant protein. Rejuvenate RTDs have clean and premium ingredients, while also being sugar, dairy and gluten free. Available in 3 great flavors of Mocha, Chocolate and Vanilla. Rejuvenate Ready-to-Drink is more effective than protein alone!

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