About Rejuvenate

REJUVENATE is clinically proven to enhance muscle health. The patented blend of essential amino acids (including BCAAs) have been shown to be 5x more effective than whey protein alone in rebuilding muscle and preventing muscle loss.

Studies from the Geriatric Center at Arkansas University Medical Center show a single serving of Rejuvenate starts to work within 30 mins, increasing the bodies ability to rebuild and repair of muscle by 57% - even at rest, with or without exercise.  Daily use of Rejuvenate will help slow and prevent muscle loss, with noticeable results in as little as 30 days. It’s the first muscle health supplement of its kind.

REJUVENATE, when taken daily, shows an 800% increase in strength while recovering from surgery or illness. It shows a positive muscle response even without exercise, but is more effective in slowing muscle loss when combined with exercise.

Muscle loss is a normal part of aging and quite often people don’t recognize that they have lost muscle mass and function until they are 70 years or older. The loss of muscle, known as sarcopenia, starts as early as age 30 and by age 50, almost everyone is starting to lost a significant amount of muscle.

REJUEVENATE is clinically proven to help reverse the effects of age related muscle loss, improves muscle health, increases energy and allows you to Live Stronger Longer.

Sugar free, Diary free, gluten free. Add 1 packet of REJUVENATE to a glass of water or juice daily and enjoy after exercise or first thing in the morning.

Available online and at select retail stores.