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Improve Your Energy & Strength with Rejuvenate, Clinically-Proven Essential Amino Acid Supplement!

Age is just a number - you’ve still got a lot of strength and vitality! Look and feel your best with our patented, scientifically-proven formula!

How Can Rejuvenate Help Me?

Amino Acids are the main building blocks of protein, and proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. With age, our bodies respond differently to protein in our diet and how our muscles rebuild and repair. Rejuvenate is a unique blend of all 9 essential amino acids, that allows your body to dramatically improve your protein intake, and therefore your muscle health! Clinically-Proven Amino Acid Supplement for Daily Muscle Health

  1. Age Related Muscle Loss

    After age 40, our muscles begin to diminish at a faster rate than they are able to rebuild. Degenerative muscle loss - known as Sarcopenia - affects strength and mobility with age. Rejuvenate is clinically proven to increase your body’s ability to rebuild and repair lost muscle by 57% at rest.

  2. Clinically-Proven

    Our patented blend has been researched and developed over 17 years and 25 published clinical trials. Rejuvenate Muscle Health’s scientifically-proven formula is unlike any other product on the market!

  3. Benefits of Immune Function

    Essential Amino Acids play an important role in immune function and fighting infections. Amino Acids are critical in the formation of white blood cells, antibodies and key proteins that are required to maximize immune support.

  4. Speeds Surgical Recovery

    Rejuvenate Muscle Health has been proven to speed post-operative recovery and to improve the muscles’ ability to heal after an injury. Accelerated patient recovery is fully possible with our scientifically-proven formula!

  • What Causes Sarcopenia?

    "As we age, our muscles' ability to rebuild and repair slows down. Starting in our 40’s we lose 1-3% of our muscle mass a year. This muscle loss is known as Sarcopenia and can affect strength and mobility as we get older. Sarcopenia is a distinct reportable medical condition. As Sarcopenia is to muscle health, what osteoporosis is to bone health. There are many causes of sarcopenia, but the most common include a reduction in nerve cells, a reduced ability to turn protein into energy, or an inadequate intake of daily calories or protein."

  • Why Can’t I Just Exercise or Take More Protein?

    "Although we encourage exercise, it simply isn’t an option for some people, and with Rejuvenate Muscle Health, you can still see great results without it (many of our clinical trials demonstrated this). Proteins are the main building blocks of our bodies. While the proteins we eat consist of amino acids, there are essential amino acids that can be harder to acquire. As we age, our bodies respond differently to protein than they did when we were younger. Rejuvenate Muscle Health has all 9 essential amino acids in every serving, so adding a sachet to your daily routine can dramatically improve your protein intake, and therefore your muscle health, strength and vitality!"

  • Why Is It Important To Prevent Sarcopenia?

    "Sarcopenia is a distinct reportable medical condition that consists of muscle loss and decreased strength in people as young as 40! It can be a major contributor to frailty, lack of mobility, and a general loss of the quality of life. So maintaining your muscle health into your later years is necessary in order to improve your overall health and vitality!"


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