Yoga for seniors
All forms of yoga offer benefits in flexibility, balance and mental clarity, but power yoga can also offer some excellent strength building.  Holding poses and using body weight for resistance is beneficial in building strength which in turn slows age related muscles loss (sarcopenia). This loss begins in our 30s and 40s and continues as we age, making even more valuable the restorative and muscle building benefits of workouts like yoga.
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Strength training and aging

Maintain your muscles and your happiness. Get stronger and happier as you age.

 It turns out, there’s more value to strength training as you get older than muscle maintenance. Strength training leads to feeling fitter, increasing muscle mass, improving mobility, greater balance and more energy – all which helps you live your best life.  

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Healthy eating over 50

Your nutrition needs change over age 50

Why? Because the most common health issue that adults face as they get to 50 and beyond is nutritional deficiency. Your body doesn’t absorb a range of different nutrients in the same way it did when you were 20, yet your body needs theses key nutrients even more now than it did when you were younger.

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