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Frequently Asked Questions


    "As we age, our muscles' ability to rebuild and repair slows down. Starting in our 40’s we lose 1-3% of our muscle mass a year. This muscle loss is known as Sarcopenia and can affect strength and mobility as we get older. Sarcopenia is a distinct reportable medical condition. As Sarcopenia is to muscle health, what osteoporosis is to bone health. There are many causes of sarcopenia, but the most common include a reduction in nerve cells, a reduced ability to turn protein into energy, or an inadequate intake of daily calories or protein."

  • Why Is It Important To Prevent Sarcopenia?

    "Sarcopenia is a distinct reportable medical condition that consists of muscle loss and decreased strength in people as young as 40! It can be a major contributor to frailty, lack of mobility, and a general loss of the quality of life. So maintaining your muscle health into your later years is necessary in order to improve your overall health and vitality!"

  • What is Rejuvenate?

    "Rejuvenate is a proprietary blend of all 9 essential amino acids that helps rebuild muscle and prevent muscle loss. It has been clinically studied and researched to optimize its effects on reversing muscle loss caused by aging, or inactivity due to illness or surgery. It has been developed over 17 years with 25 published clinical trials, and has been proven to increase strength and energy, as well as to positively affect muscle response, even without exercise."